Regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Alexander Jon is strategically placed to assist financial services firms establish and / or enhance their compliance culture as well as implement a robust compliance and financial crime framework that ensures each firm has the ability to function effectively within the UK regulatory environment.


We support firms in all aspects of compliance and financial crime regulation in accordance with and as detailed in the FCA Handbook, the UK Money Laundering Regulations and where other UK regulation or guidance is referenced. We provide regulatory compliance support in ways that are bespoke and tailored to the firm’s requirements.

Assurance and Thematic Compliance Reviews

We are experienced regulatory compliance consulting specialists and we undertake both firm wide internal reviews and assessments and targeted thematic reviews to ensure firms’ have the appropriate systems and controls in place as required by the FCA. These reviews give the senior management in depth information on issues identified and provide them with the ability to have better control and oversight of the business, which ensures a robust compliance culture and proper adherence to the FCA regulations.

FCA and PRA Authorisations

We provide compliance and regulatory assistance to firms wishing to become authorised and regulated by the FCA or the PRA. As experienced FCA authorisation consultants, we acknowledge the time it can take different firms to go through the authorisation process, as such we are mindful of and take into consideration costs to ensure they do not spiral out of control.


As seasoned Compliance Consultants, we provide mandatory Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other financial crime training, including fraud and Anti- Bribery, complete with attendance certificates and evidence of understanding. We also provide training on Financial Promotions and other adhoc regulatory areas required by the FCA.

Compliance Oversight and Documentation

We help firms with the required compliance documentation to start up their Compliance Department and in cases of established Compliance Functions, we can enhance and update their existing suite of policies and procedures.

Remediation Reviews

We conduct compliance and financial crime gap analysis and remediation reviews. These reviews ensure that all deficiencies identified are remedied quickly, effectively and appropriate policies and procedures as required and in line with the FCA regulations are put in place.

Resource and Interim Solutions

We provide and advise on compliance resource solutions to firms either on a short term or long fixed term basis.

Compliance Infrastructure, Establishment and Implementation

We provide regulatory advice regarding compliance strategy and infrastructure whilst considering the nature and size of the business. We help firms develop their regulatory compliance and financial crime strategy to ensure the foundation is laid for a robust compliance culture.